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Prescription safety spectacles are used to compensate for ametropia, which means that you have the diopter number directly in the lens. The advantage of prescription eyewear is that you do not have to wear contact lenses or over glasses, which is a significant advantage for many people.

Our model no. 633 is a complete pair of spectacles with prescription lenses ground into the lower part of the protective lens.

With model no. 635 you receive the complete clip-on frame and you can have individual corrective lenses used by the optician of your choice on site, which makes sense if you have certain values such as corneal curvatures and others. We prefer to recommend the use of plastic lenses.

Of course, we will be happy to advise you at any time by telephone on

+49 (0)911 754737, if you have any questions.

With prescription safety glasses you can protect your eyes from small splashes, vapours and other things, so that you can carry out your work in peace and concentration. We offer you an extensive selection of safety eyewear for the most diverse areas.

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